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YMCAfit Personal Trainer Courses

Founded in London in 1983, YMCAfit training courses are widely recognised as the 'Gold Standard' of training for the fitness industry. YMCAfit training courses have subsequently qualified almost 50,000 professional fitness instructors, making them the undisputed industry leader. You will find YMCA trained and qualified staff in most gyms in the country.

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What Options are There?

YMCAfit training courses offer a range of options to suit almost any fitness training needs, from beginners taking their first steps through to advanced practitioners looking to specialize.

YMCAfit certifications are so well-recognised in the UK fitness industry that many other providers' training courses lead to CYQ (Central YMCA Qualification) certification.

Whether you are thinking of starting a career in exercise and fitness, or moving upwards into more advanced levels, they will have a course for you.

What Course Levels Do You Offer?

There are three levels of courses, Entry Level, Professional Level, and Advanced Development Days, for each of the following disciplines:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Training
  • Studio Aerobics

That means that personal trainers can choose a route that best suits their skills and interests.

Personal trainers need to acquire a variety of skills in order to meet the different needs of their clients. Two of the best courses are:

YMCAfit Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment:

This 4 day program will help you to figure out what makes a client tick and what they want to achieve through exercise.

YMCAfit Advanced Gym Instructor:

This course is an essential background for most personal trainers. It lasts 12 days, and aims to give you the in-depth knowledge to develop individualised, varied and effective exercise plans to meet your clients' specific goals.

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