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What Nutrition Courses?

Do you need to know which nutrition courses are available to you to allow you to expand your personal training skills? While many personal trainers focus on the exercise aspects of their skills, a large percentage of your clients will be principally interested in weight management - so nutrition courses become evermore important.

Nutrition courses enable you to address that whilst exercise can make a huge difference to a client's overall health, to provide a truly effective, long term solution to weight problems you and the client need to address their eating habits.

Nutrition courses are thus far more than an adjunct to your skills and knowledge as a personal trainer, but are in fact a key part of what you should be able to offer your clients.

A personal trainer who has undertaken nutrition training courses will thus not only be able to prescribe an exercise programme for their clients, but also counsel and advise them on good nutrition. In contrast, an untrained person will be limited in the advice they can give, thus limiting the likely effectiveness of their program. The trainer who is certified in nutrition will thus have a competitive edge when it comes to finding and retaining clients.

Good nutrition is such an essential component of health and fitness that it is surprising how often it is overlooked by both trainers and clients. Prescribing an exercise programme for overweight clients without attempting to address issues of nutrition is an ineffective strategy.

Whether for CPD, or simply to increase your knowledge, training in this area is a great way to upgrade your skills. There are lots of options if you are looking for courses:

  • CK Academy:

    A centrally approved training organisation who offer:

    Nutrition & Weight Management - Level 3.
  • Focus Training:

    Provide a range of courses leading to nationally recognised qualifications, including:

    CYQ Level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management.
  • Lifetime Health and Fitness:

    Provide training to many of the UK's most established health and fitness operators, including:

    Nutritionist and weight-management award
  • Premier Training International:

    One of the market leaders in health and fitness training. They offer:

    Nutrition For Health & Fitness

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