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Advanced PT

If you are looking for advanced personal trainer courses, there are plenty to choose from.

Advanced personal trainer courses are the key to increasing your skills and marketability and making progress in this competitive field. While there are many practitioners with basic qualifications, highly skilled personal trainers are few and far between.

However, before you can consider advanced Personal trainer courses, you have to have the basics in place. The starting point for anyone wanting to work in this job is usually as a fitness instructor - you need these basic skills to even set foot on the career ladder. You then need to acquire at least a level 3 certificate in the appropriate field. This will allow you to gain entry to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), the industry standard for exercise and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers.

Level 3 qualifications which will give eligibility for REPs are:

  • NVQ Level 3 in Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise in both gym and exercise to music contexts awarded by OCR and CYQ
  • CYQ Certificate in Advanced Fitness Instructing (Gym and Exercise to Music)
  • CYQ Certificate in Personal Training (general populations and special populations)
  • CYQ Level 3 Certificate in GP Referral - Low Risk
  • Premier IQ Certificate in Personal Training

Other routes to achieving level 3 include;

  • Teachers Certificate from the Keep Fit association, Fitness League or Medau Society
  • PTI Class 1 Certificate from the military
Additionally, you must hold appropriate public liability insurance and a first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation certificate (CPR).

Once qualified, you will need to take a two-pronged approach to progress. Firstly you need to gain experience - there is nothing beats actually working with a variety of clients to understand how the theory you have learned actually works out in practice. The greater the variety of clients you can work with the better - men and women, different age groups, absolute beginners and well-trained athletes, you should look to work with each of these.

Once you have increased your experience levels, it's time to look at further training and qualifications. This is not only required for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) it is also the best way to increase your skills.

As a level 3 instructor, for example, you will need to acquire 24 CPD points per year. Courses vary, offering anything from 8 to 24 units depending on the length and the level of the course.

Popular options include areas like:

  • Core stability training
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Spinning
  • Exercise physiology

Regularly taking course like these will not only meet your CPD requirements, but also expand your repertoire by studying a new skill. Ultimately, this will lead to better paid and more interesting jobs.

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